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Ulysses Stephen Atoms

Rank: Colonel (earth forces)

Age: late 40s to early 50s

Date of Birth: July 4

Occupation: FIGHT agent, President of the Earth Sphere Alliance

Ethnicity: White

Meta-human Class: Meta-human Class: D (ordinary person/might have some enhancements)

Genetic Type: Augment

Gender: Male

Height: 6’2” or 190cm

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Hobbies: Baseball, American football

Favorite Food: Apple pie

Ulysses Story

From a young age Ulysses always had a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Instead of going to normal high school he enlisted in to the military academy. He graduated valedictorian of his class and was quickly recruited by FIGHT which he meant his teammate Kakashi, Elsie, Bill, and Phil. He also met because he best friend Kaze and Bill mother Dr. Iyikohk.


Over the next 10 years him and his team went on many highly classified in dangerous missions but one thing always bumped them. Why was that monk Kaze always around? Honestly could not send why was this stability and always around and he seemed to know for more about that mission that he should. What was his deal? Is a way he just tried to shake it off and ignore him. It was also around this time with Ulysses fall in love with geneticist from super soldier resets Institute one Amanda Jaeger. The two was deeply in love. Ulysses with try to get the space will as often as he could just see her. Then that fateful day…


It was a normal day like any other they had no missions assigned to them. He and his team were hanging out but then a robber came at the business they were at. Ulysses tried to get him to stop the thief but Kaze stopped him. Kaze tried to peacefully handle the criminal but ultimately let him go. Ulysses came home that night he found his beloved Amanda murder. Ulysses managed to track down the killer and found it with the same thief who Kaze let go. But things, was only going to get worst.


Doing the next mission both Dr. Iyikohk and Kaze had to coupling they and they had to to reveal themselves as Chronos and Gaia. To top it all off Kakashi also had to reveal his abilities to use Chi and he was the champion of Gaia. Ulysses was horrified. “That monk this entire time was a God, he more than have the power to stop that murder.” In his rage Ulysses about vengeance upon both Kakashi and Kaze.


He spent the next several years planning his revenge but then the profit opportunity came. Him and his team needed to go on another classify mission this time they needed to be accompanied by Gaia. He studied the mission finding the public place take his vengeance. Ulysses was able to get alone with Kaze. Ulysses pointed his gun at Kaze head and told them “This is for Amanda” and Kaze didn’t put up a struggle. BANG! Even if his team find out when the manner mission wasn’t labelled top secret, even if they did it would be ground for treason. But somehow word got out that the future President murder a monk.


And then there was a matter Kakashi. Killing because she wouldn’t get the same in, No, he must suffer. Kakashi kept that how he did so very long. The best way to make suffer is to teach him, “come great power come great responsibility”. But how to teach him that? He looked at his children. Takeru young full promise the little bit of guidance he would make it good soldier. They it just for two young sons he didn’t want to kill little girl. But then there was the youngest. Satoshi... So powerful and yet so useless, Doctors were already putting the boy on the chopping block. But Kakashi wanted to keep the little monster down for no reason. Just to eat up valuable resources that could be used elsewhere. What a waste. He was perfect for Ulysses revenge.


The boy was technically a demon. It wasn’t hard to convince a nearby church there was a demon in downtown need to be exercised. They kidnapped the boy. In what was expected him and what was supposedly that only encounter Ulysses came up with the name “Kaiju” for the boy not like it matters. But little did he knew the little BEEP survived.


Over the next 10 years Ulysses has spent trying to kill him. Matt what he does well BEEP keep on surviving. Granted Ulysses did used his never ending battle with the Kaiju to further his political goals and eventually becoming president.


Now let’s just say when one can’t help that this same little BEEP is now a superhero. A Pacifistic vigilante a living environment up everything he hates. Ulysses never ending quest for vengeance has a just get way more personal.



Ulysses Stephen Andrews, Ulysses is based on the idea of the all great American hero but without the narcissism. (Sorry, The Simon couldn’t help myself. Why Because I’m Canadian.)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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