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Sato Hamato

Full name: Satoshi Hamato

Code Names: Chō Yūsha

A.K.A.: The Kaiju, Little Kaga, knight of the northern lights.

Danger Level: Extreme, WMD Authorize

Age: 14

Date of Birth: June 3, 190 celestial era

Occupation: Vigilante

Ethnicity: White, Japanese Canadian

Meta-human Class: A (Army fighter/multi-power)

Genetic Type: Neo-meta (low functioning neo-Meta-human with monsters status)

Gender: Male

Height: 5’6 or 170 cm (appear sorted due to bending knees)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown/glowing white.

Weapon of choice: Reverse Blade Wakizashi and Cape.

Hobbies: Being cute and annoying, exploring and escaping

Favorite Food: warp plasma, Sapience machines, watermelon, anything he can eat without grabbing,

Likes: Being left alone, silence

Dislike: killing, bloodshed and lifting

Sato Story

When was born he was diagnosed with many health conditions such as autism and having an extremely low pain tolerance. Due to being a neo-human he has a slight healing factor which would prevent any treatment. So when Sato was three years old his ability started developing and he was immediately evaluated and given monster status this mean he loses his human rights.


In order to make sure that Satoshi doesn’t wind up accidentally killing someone his parents training him. The young Sato enjoying watching police officers and first responders from the safety of the roof tops. Whenever he joined the chance Sato will try his hand at helping for the safety of the shadows.


At age 8 Sato lost control of his abilities in the major city of Metztli just killing millions five years later the government decides to ultimately euthanize him to prevent him from quadrupling strength as he is entering puberty. But at this point of the young Sato life at the scene so much death and destruction Sato reached a point where he truly believed that he must die. But doing his darkest moment Sato so all the soldiers around him and knowing he can’t let them die along with.


After surviving his execution Satoshi down to never take his revenge. For him vengeance means wiping out every single lifeform on the face of this planet. Now he wonders amorously as the wondering vigilante known as Chō Yūsha.

He can be best described as an antihero with a no kill rule. The most diehard sociopath serial killer is probably more compassionate than he. They are willing to end someone life what Cho won’t out of pure vindictive, unsympathetic spite.

Because Sato/Cho is a low functioning autistic he is facing the very real possibility that he would never be able to get a job and take care of himself. But being a superhero is one of the very you things can do in order to be a contributing member of society. Despite my long and complicated history we are seeing now is basically interacting with people for the first time in his life as they try to understand him and he’s not having a clue what’s going on.


Cho Yusha first appearance was in the short film “We Come Form Myth and Legendes”. Release on YouTube June 3, 2015.


Sato’s/Cho suffer from Anthropophobia the “fear of people”.

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