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Mako Kamiya

Age: 20

Date of Birth: May 22, 184 celestial era

Occupation: Sato support worker/handler

Ethnicity: Japanese

Meta-human Class:  C (common or single abilities)

Genetic Type: Neo-meta

Gender: Female

 Height: 5’4’’ or 165 cm

Hair: Black (purplish tint)

Eyes: Amber

Nickname: Kappa:

Favorite Food: Cucumbers

Likes: cats

Dislike: When Sato misbehaves

Mako My Story

Mako grew up in the same town as Sato. When she was 16 she was working at a maid Café one night as she was leaving she noticed a group of thugs what about to kidnap her then suddenly a small shadowy figure try to simmer but doing the commotion her on message phase right through the little Kaga (Sato) torso in the both were captured. Sato managed to get off a Mako on and defeat the kidnappers.


After being rescued Mako realizes that her newfound power can be used to help keep Sato in checked. So she now took it upon himself to make sure that Sato more commonly known as the Kaiju would never winds up hurting someone again.


You will later be discovered that Mako and Sato are in some kind of Metahumans symbiosis. Thus how power neglects his.



Mako who powers and concept came from a misunderstood image from the “care bears”. That was hunted the creator Simon ever since he was five years old.


Mako is named after Shinken Pink (Mako Shinraishi) for Samurai Sentai Shinkenger


Summary bio:

She is Sato handler/caretaker. Metahuman power maybe to phase through solid objects but the real power is to keep Sato under control.

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