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Frequently Asked Question
Parents and teachers guilds

  • Which issue is first?
    Issue zero was made in 2021, while issue one was penciled back in 2017. Does making issue zero a prequel to issue one. Also, issue one is where the start of the series story line officially begins.
  • What are Sato/Cho superpowers
    Because Chou's is a Superman type superhero he has fairly generic. Flight, super-speed, super strength, super senses (super hearing, full spectrum/x-ray vision), near invulnerability, invulnerable shields, in the ability to shoot energy blast/ slashes.
  • What is the celestial era?
    The celestial era is a way for me to keep the exact date of the series ambiguous and this is also the reason why a using seasons instead of months. The inspiration for the calendar system was inspired by series such as Mobile Suit Gundam. But, for those of you who are curious on precisely why the series is taking place. It takes place around 400 years after that they view was the first superhero in 1938, which means that the series is approximately taking place in either the 24th or early 25th century.
  • Why does Mako keep putting her arm and Sato?
    The origin for the “arm thing” as I like to call it is because Care Bears scarred me for life No, that is usually the honest truth. When I was four years old I misunderstood the scene from Care Bears which whatever reason why my child like brain interpreted as what eventually involved into the “arm thing” and I want a new generation of kids to share my dread. The resort I decided to keep it into the series was to help better illustrate the awkwardness of physical content. Which for neuro-typical people, isn’t much of a problem and to remind the readers despite his family-friendly feel that this series doesn’t contain some mature and graphic content.
  • Is this series family-friendly?
    Yes, The reason why I gave the series a 10+ instead of 14+ is due to many issues of the series having mostly all-ages content. There are plenty of notable exceptions but I usually try to give an explanation behind them. Upon request, a censored version of various issues can be provided. But please note that the uncensored versions will be treated as you canon version.
  • Diversity and inclusion
    We believe it isn't right to force someone to include someone else who they don't want to and if someone doesn't play by the rules they will be kicked out. We promote the much more positive phrase “hard work and discipline”. Yes, Challenge Chronicles does contain neurodivergent characters. Writer note: If there is any group that I am not comfortable with or sure I can betray accurately I am not obligated to insert that group.
  • Supporting equal rights and being socially responsible?
    Yes, we do believe in treating everyone as their and equally. However, that is also our greatest problem. Due to our core philosophy of "Be open about acknowledging one's problems in order to find solutions” this may cause us to get into trouble with certain groups and organizations who don’t share our message of self-improvement. Whether or not that Challenge Chronicles is a social justice series isn’t for us to decide.
  • The importance of representation
    No character shall be created for the sake of representation. Writer note: If there is any group that I am not comfortable with or sure I can betray accurately I am not obligated to insert that group. On a side note: the terms “People/person Of Color” shall be replaced with a much more positive, inclusive and politically correct term “other ethnicity”.
  • Does this series contain blood, Gore, and violence?
    It contains an infrequent amount of that content.
  • Expletive, curse and swear words
    These are largely Censor, on the rare occasion for dramatic purposes maybe one left uncensored. This will also include other forms of derogatory language, in reality not in series.
  • Traditional values
    Just look at the protagonist and his family. They are quite conservative.
  • Talk about the dangers of losing self-control
    It’s no secret that Challenge Chronicles tries to follow martial art values which include self-control and taking responsibility. This means it’s important to know when you’re losing control or things get out of hand so you know when to stop and to be able to support yourself accountable if you do an up hunting someone.
  • Encouraging debate?
    Debating is fun. We strongly believe that you can be respectful to someone you may disagree with. Many, all the socially relevant talking points from Challenge Chronicles will be left unanswered for the sole purpose of encouraging debate and giving our readers something to process in order to help develop problem-solving skills.
  • Drugs, smoking, alcohol, and other controlled substances?
    CANNON-FODDER!!! Please expect that immediate action will be taken to keep the series as family-friendly as possible. But be warned I will use this opportunity to showcase graphic content to scare your kids shit-less so they don’t end up using that stuff in the future.
  • Sexual content
    Due, to the nature of the series covering autism and disabilities in general one of the main topics that will be covered throughout the series, is” Personal-Care Needs” which means a certain degree of close physical contact is necessary. This series will strongly be regulating what we call SSP content (Sex for the Sake of Pleasure)/”pornography”. We are committed to keeping Challenge Chronicles as pro-life and pro-family as possible. But be warned, this is still an anime/manga-inspired series. So that will be the occasional hot spring and beach issue.
  • Fighting against child abuse.
    We do not support any group that condones both mental and physical harm to children. Note: With the exception of tormenting Sato because is the series protagonist.
  • Religious iconography
    Due to the mythological nature of this Challenge Chronicles showcases religious symbols both fictional and real to help show respect for other customs, cultures, and traditions. It should also be pointed out that because the series is primarily back in Japanese culture they may be a greater emphasis on Buddhism and Shintoism with a little Christianity thrown again there.
  • Stand against the anti-phobic culture.
    We firmly believe it’s not right to shame people for being afraid or raising problems and concerns. By understanding our problems we can work towards a better future. This is why we stand firmly against the misuse of the term “phobia” which prevents people from improving there selves.
  • Are you with Comicsgate?
    I have no idea. I guess we align politically… I think.
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