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Dr. Jackie Iyikohk

Age: Late 60s to early 70s

States: Deceased

Occupation: Doctor

Ethnicity: Cree/first nations

Meta-human Class: G (Deities)

Genetic Type: Oro-human/proto-meta

Gender: female

Aliases: previous host of Chrono’s/spirit of Time

Dr. Jackie Iyikohk Story

It’s unclear precisely when she became aware of Chrono’s existence in her. Rather than choosing to exercise the titan she chose to make a partnership with it. Jackie understood both Chronos and Gaia mission and does what she could do but on hard times.


Her relationship with Chrono’s is a little bit different from Chrono’s previous host. She choose to be addressed separately from the non-compile entity and when speaking to Chrono’s she referred to him based upon Chrono’s was common gender. She would often time get a little offended when people start addressing her as Chrono unless people our directly talking to Chrono’s.

What are some Bill join the military and give it a offer to join FIGHT. She insisted for him to pursue that have but Bill did not knew the time. That this isn’t was greatly influenced by Chrono’s. Heavy constant Bill join FIGHT means she can get easier access to the secrets that FIGHT has been hiding for over the past 200 years.


Now doing much of her career she includes will searching and looking for a wealthy champion. But one never came until ironically enough the champion of Gaia youngest son before. Chrono’s but she was our harmonic for choosing such a bizarre creature to take up the responsibility of his champion. But Jackie persisted thinking do something special about the young boy. Well Chrono’s was a defence.


When it came to finding the next hosts Chrono’s both of them agree on that Prof. O’Neill will be was a wealthy choice. Prof. O’Neill has the knowledge the resources in the drive to fulfil that mission but what they were not expecting by the name of Oswald Odd. Jackie thought that the young psychiatrist turned to be a nice bit of therapy for Chronos. But Chrono’s but being in this young man body just going to be plain fun. With that they have made decision.


In the fall of 203, celestial era Jackie unfortunately passed on attempting to save her final patient Satoshi. She made a makeshift hospital in the ruins of the abandoned eugenics war spacecraft. The radiation from the vessel is what ultimately help secure Sato survival but ended hard. She didn’t go out regret she lived a full and fulfilled. She is survived by her son and grandson and all those knew her.



Her surname is an Cree for "When the time comes"

Her “Doctor When” or “Doctor Time”. Which is bit of an on “Doctor Who”.

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