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Autistic Superhero adventurers

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The Legendary Cho Yusha

The the main series, That fellow Sato's now Cho.

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The Hamatos

The Hamato’s is the prequel series that is currently in development.

Why the name Challenge Chronicles?

Saying, someone is challenge is another way of saying that there disabled or with special needs.


In also for the phrase “a hero is defined by the challenges they face.”


Challenge Chronicles

Autistic shonen manga martial arts superhero graphic novel

Challenge Chronicles is the longest-running comic book/graphic novels series with a low functioning autistic as the lead.


Volume 1 contains a total of 14 issues with a prequel in development which is estimated to contain up to 16 issues.


Before we get any further, let’s talk about autism in the series. Specifically, this series is about dealing with autism. The key words are “dealing with".  My philosophy Core is “Where there is a problem, I’ll address it and I am open about acknowledging one's problems to find solutions”.  Thus, I designed the series so that parents, teachers, guardians, and future employers would get a better understanding of what’s going on with their special needs individuals in their lives.

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Sato Hamato/
Cho Yusha

Our hero of the story is Sato Hamato (aka Cho Yusha) who is a low functioning autistic with superpowers. It was super important to give him superpowers that’s doesn’t negate any disabilities he may have and treat them as optical for him to overcome.


The reason why you was made low-functioning autistic is that it gives better to exaggeration and to focus on the unique issues people with disability face


One more then it will be relevant in the series prequel volume “the Hamato’s” that our young hero was nonverbal up until he turned 14 and became Cho Yusha.

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Integrated into the story.

Challenge Chronicles strikes to integrate autism organically into the story as possible. This is why the autistic element is often times used for duel advertising purposes.

When Sato Hamato was born, he was diagnosed with multiple health conditions that caused the doctors to recommend euthanizing him. When Sato turned three, his abilities started developing. In order to make sure that Sato didn’t wind up accidentally killing someone, his parents trained him. The young Sato grew up watching police officers from the safety of the rooftops. At eight years old, Sato lost control of his abilities in a major city, killing countless people. Five years later, the government ultimately decided to execute him. Due to him being a danger to society. After surviving, Sato knows full well what happened to him was just. Now he wanders aimlessly as the vigilante known as Cho Yusha. He vows to never take his revenge.

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This is a special column that would be preaching at the end of every volume where I talk about the autistic element in the issue. There is a good 50-50 split between directly talking about autism to discussing a topic that may be interesting to autistic individuals.


If you’re interested in keeping “The Tales from the Autistic” column past volume 1 please let me know.

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Moral Philosophy

  1. Were there a problem I address it.

  2. Be open about acknowledging one's problems in order to find solutions.

  3. Accepting factors that cannot be changed.

  4. Do not shame others were feeling uncomfortable.

  5. Blaming other people will always hold you back.

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A colorful cast of characters.

It should be no surprise to anyone that this series getting quite a colorful cast can be ranging from his family to people whom he has never met before.

Part of the biggest struggle that any autistic individual has to deal with is encountering new people and this is especially true for Sato.

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Young Teens,

Age 14+ contain may

infrequent use of mild violence and/or cursing.

May be subject to change depending on the issue.

Parents may want to read before or with younger children.

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For more information please check

out our FAQ or just contact us.

The is also a parents and teachers guild in the FAQ.

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