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Jessica O’Neill

Age: 15

Date of Birth: April 4, 189 celestial era

Occupation: Student

Ethnicity: White (spaceling)

Genetic Type: Oro- human (No healing factor or augmentations)

Gender: Female


Height: 5’2” or 160cm

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue


Hobbies: Studying superheroes

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Likes: Ancient superhero stories

Jessica Story

Jessica O’Neill grew as a normal girl of one of the opening space colony. Her mother will often times tell stories about these ancient costumes vigilantes called superheroes who he they were doing the mid-21st century A.D.

Her father was an archaeologist who’s specializes in the studies of these ancient heroes.


When she was eight years old a family was on an expedition trip to of possibly studying the base of one of these ancient heroes but doing the return trip when they were at Metztli when mother would hit by some debris from the Kaiju rampage.


A few years later she and her father Prof. O’Neill went on an expedition trip to the home of the monster who’s killed her mother and so many other and to see a glimpse of the possible superhero who roaming of the Japanese city.


Now join our hero’s on their quest to find out what happen to the superheroes 200 years ago and fulfilled her mother dream.


Summary bio:


She grew up hearing hero stories from her mother. She especially loves romance tail between the reporter and the first superhero.


If you haven’t notice Sato is “Teenage Neta-human Shinobi from the Hamoto clan” and Jessica is an yellow wearing short sleeve, red head with the last named O’Neill. That was a coincidence. Jessica was base off of Asuka Langley Soryu form Evangelion and Misty/ Kasumi from Pokémon. When the Simon was originally thinking of a lasting for her the Simon wanted a foreign word for “comic”. Confining them fit so the Simon went with a more space sounding name. When I came across the possible space habitat the O’Neill cylinder my reaction was. “Oh beep it fits”

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