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GrandeCon 2022

Grande Con went great but mommy and daddy froze. We will place it right under the air-conditioner so that he ends up having a rest so many last. The bad news is I didn’t show a whole lot of art prints so that still plenty of them left to give out.

The great news is that out of the 50 copies of the first issue brought with me. I sold all 50.

I sold out!

Grande Prairie Alberta Canada has had its fair share of comic book conventions in the past such as Noob con and le Libricon. What does only one day’s events and this was the first major come up with convention discount has had success featuring for multiple days and have guests.

Now, most of the day was fairly slow. I quickly found one of the easiest ways to get sales was supposed the autistic angle of the series by simply telling people this is about a autistic superhero. And I believe I got the vast majority of my sales that way.

I had the opportunity to take photos and meet with Alex Zahara who was my Alex Locksley/Long-Range was named after. Alex Zahara is also the uncle of my friend Robbie.

I did also have the opportunity to meet with Veronica Taylor who was he was a voice of Ash Ketchum from Pokémon in my favorite April O’Neil.

George Takei was also their crew I like it as after just one but as a social justice activist not so much. So I didn’t want to get any pictures with him. There are a lot of other Star Trek actors who I like better that any cost too much.

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